5 Simple DIY Projects to Make Better Use of Your Space

With very few exceptions, most of us have some type of home clutter problems. Dresser tops overflowing, bathroom counters filled from one end to the other, kitchen counters that are often cluttered with appliances, spices, and bills; the list goes on and on.

Thankfully, with a little creative thinking we can all greatly improve our home storage and reduce at least some of that clutter, whether we're moving into a new space, doing renovations on our home, or just need to clear up some space. There are almost literally endless resources to find such creative solutions and to get you started on your journey towards a clutter-free home. We offer five great ones below!

1. Storage Ottoman

This might be the simplest solution of all for storing a few small things or blankets when not in use. You can pick up a small ottoman with a removable top and storage space inside for as little as $10 at a discount store. No building or assembly required, and you the added bonus of being able to put your feet up or having an extra seat.

2. Wall Art Jewelry Box

This idea is just genius, but will require some woodworking ad painting. Having a space for jewelry and necklaces is an issue for women everywhere, and a jewelry box can sometimes take up valuable real estate in your bedroom. Build a thin box (maybe 2-3 inches) with a front panel that is held in place by magnets and opens downward on a hinge, putting some sort of pegs inside attached to the back panel. Paint the front panel ( or have someone paint it if you aren't artistically inclined) with whatever kind of image you want that matches and adds to the decor of the room, and hang it on the wall as a painting that doubles as a jewelry box when opened!

3. Back Yard Garden Shed for Tools

You don't necessarily have to spend a lot of money on a big shed for the backyard. Build a small one, paint it however you like, and use it to get small tools that you use once in a while out of drawers or other spaces in your home that could be put to better use.

4. Rolling Pantry

If you have space beside your refrigerator or elsewhere in your kitchen but not enough cabinets or pantry space for things, build a thin set of shelves on wheels for portable storage that you can roll in and out easily when you need those things. Canned good and spices are two prime candidates for your rolling pantry. 

5. Mason Jar Organization

This is another super simple but highly effective form of self-storage that you can use to organize and store anything from spices in the kitchen to nuts and bolts in a workshop. Take mason jars - whatever size you have or need for what you want to store - and screw the lids into a board you attach to the wall as a shelf (or into an existing shelf), under a cabinet, or whatever other flat surfaces you can use in your desired space. Then fill the jars with whatever you want and screw the jar into the lid from below. Make sure you use washers with the screws for a secure hold that won't cause the metal lids to tear and fall with weight. You can also use clamps to hold them around the necks.

Published on: Thu, 11 Jul, 2019

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