5 Things That Are Better In Storage

In one way or another, we all accumulate clutter. Either through simple purchases, having children, keepsakes and family heirlooms, or just simple disorganization of our own content. We are constantly fighting with ourselves to balance between the stress of keeping our homes organized and the anxiety of trying not to worry about it. But just because this is how it has been in the past doesn't mean that there isn't a better way to do it.

"When we had our first baby, our house exploded. For convenience, we had our changing table in the living room, our bassinet in our bedroom, a jolly jumper in the kitchen, and clothes and extra diapers everywhere." Kristine is a mother of two in Toronto, but her problems are shared by parents across the country. The problem isn't that we as Canadians, have too much stuff, it's that we try to keep it close to us even when we don't need it. Here are 5 things most of us can put into storage and only need to have returned on the few occasions we need it.


1. Documents.

Unless you are tech-savvy and you scan all your documents, you probably have tax returns, college/university textbooks, instruction manuals, or old dental records stored on a shelf or a filing cabinet somewhere. These are important documents to keep, but there is very little chance we will ever look at 99% of these tableted slices of our lives. These are the easiest things to put into storage - they're necessary to keep, but rarely used.


2. Toys.

The common habits of children are to play with a toy for a day, then put it on the shelf for 6 months. Yet, as parents, we feel the parental responsibility to ensure the richness of our kids' playtime by making these things are available to them all the time. The reality is that the benefit of playing with the toy is not worth the clutter. By putting these gizmos in storage there is an added benefit - when we eventually bring these toys out of hiding, our kids are so much more thrilled to play with things they completely forgot they had. For that reason, we recommend rotating toys between storage and the shelf. This keeps things fresh for our developing little minds.


3. Guest sheets and linens.

Most people only have overnight guests for 1 to 2 times a year, and when we do have guests, we always know in advance when they are arriving and for how long. For this reason, guest sheets and linens are easy to keep in storage. Retrieve them from storage when you need them and don't let them take up valuable space when you don't.


4. Hobbies and instruments

Before we grew up we did things. Cool things. Like play guitar, Take scuba diving lessons, water skied, or weightlifting. Whatever your hobby was, you may still have remnants of it lying around - too sentimental to dispose of - not valuable enough to sell. These are the perfect things to put into storage. They'll always be around when you want to take up RC racing again with your kids.


5. Sports equipment.

Being Canadian means you probably know how to skate or ski. But unfortunately, there aren't any realistically habitable places in Canada where we can do this year round. This is what storage was made for. These offseason sports shouldn't be taking up space in your home where space is at a premium.


There is always a balance between the convenience of having something close and the serenity of having things in storage. Try the best of both worlds; Crate will retrieve your belongings whenever you need, and keep it out of your hair when you don't. We're not advocating for excess accumulation, but we do try to help keep things in order.

Published on: Sat, 13 Jul, 2019

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