A list for moving like a pro

Moving is something not very many people look forward to. Even the initial excitement of having bought a new home or found that perfect new apartment dulls once you begin to prepare for moving. The good news is that many of these issues are self-inflicted and unnecessary, and with the right planning, your moving and storage process can be much easier and less stressful. Remember, prior planning prevents poor performance. Follow these tips to make your next move your best yet!

Declutter First

Don't wait until you get to your new place to get rid of all the extra and unnecessary stuff you realize you have when you're packing and unpacking. As you go through your things, especially the attic or closets where things have been shoved away over the years, make a pile of things to get rid of so the clutter in your current space doesn't become clutter in your new space. This also leaves you with less to transport to the new home.

Cheaper and More Efficient Packing

Some people will buy a slew of new boxes from a shipping store or a moving company to pack with. This is very expensive considering you're probably going to throw them away once you're done, and these places charge a pretty penny for their boxes. Instead, shop around for cheap boxes. You can often get free boxes from grocery stores, retail stores, and liquor stores. Just remember that not all boxes are created equal, and you'll want them to be fairly sturdy to hold your valuable belongings. Banker's boxes are particularly sturdy. This is also a good idea if you end up putting things in self storage for a time.

Keep your boxes sorted by room and what's in them to make it easier when unpacking. Also, label each box with a sharpie or marker so you don't have to wonder where each one goes when unloading them.

Prepare The New Place First

If your new home needs painting done or something renovated or repaired, do these things first if at all possible. The ideal situation is to move your furniture and boxes into an already clean and ready-to-go space, so that you don't have to move things around to get those kinds of things done.   

Services and Other Odds and Ends

What else will you need to do once you're done with unpacking, arranging furniture, and putting everything away in its proper place? Set up internet service? Phone service? Trash service? Television service? You might be lucky enough to just transfer some services if you're staying in the same area, but even then that's not a guarantee. Call and get these things set up ahead of time so you're not on the 2-week waiting list and get in the "we'll be there between 8am and 6pm" trap. Finally, have your address changed with the post office ahead of time so there's no chance your mail doesn't get to the right place.



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Published on: Mon, 15 Jul, 2019

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