Make your wedding easier with self storage

A wedding is usually a stressful event to plan and carry out. But life is what it is and very few couples have gone from popping the question through to the honeymoon without being stressed out at some point over the plans. The good news is there are things you can do to relieve some of that stress - decide on a less expensive venue, like a relative's home, make a list of everything that has to be done and purposefully decide how to simplify each part, and get a self storage container or unit. You might be thinking you didn't read that right. You did. Hear us out.

It's for storage after all. What kinds of things will you need for your wedding or reception? Sound equipment? Tables and chairs? Drink equipment? Likely, the answer is yes, yes, and yes, and the list may be much longer. Keeping all of this equipment in a single storage unit or container can make the setup and tear down soooo much easier on those involved.

Keep your wedding gifts safe while you honeymoon.

Many couples leave immediately from their wedding for their honeymoon. Then when they return they have to retrieve all their wedding presents from whoever was in charge of collecting and keeping them. Or they have to leave a key to their home for someone to take all the presents there and out them... where? Probably not where you would have liked. Take all of this out of the equation and have someone put them in your storage unit or container (you've already got it anyway from the previous tip, right?) Then when you get back from paradise, you can unload them at your convenience instead of starting out your new life together by tripping over them when you walk in the door and then trying to figure out where to put them aside. 

Event storage

For outdoor ceremonies, such as if you are having your ceremony in someone’s backyard or on their property (or even in their house), you can use portable storage to keep all the things you don’t need that might be in the way like barbeques, old patio furniture, kid’s toys, or pool and outdoor tools.

As a workspace.

Especially if your using your storage space to hold things for the wedding ahead of time, it can be used as a work space for the wedding party to meet and make centerpieces, crafts, or decorations for the reception or ceremony. The supplies are there ahead of time, you transform them into gorgeous decorations, then leave them there to gather along with everything else needed for the wedding - all in one place.

Photo backdrop.

This will be hit or miss depending on the facility and your own tastes, but some self storage facilities have a lot of character around the property and could be used as a background for photos, especially if you're going for an industrial look.

Published on: Mon, 15 Jul, 2019

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