Preparing your home for spring checklist

You've heard the birds singing. You've seen the snow melting. It's that time. Spring is almost upon us, and most people are ready to revel in the warmer weather and forget about the freezing cold. But while Spring and Summer provide tons of fun and outdoor enjoyment, it's also a time to get things done. To avoid procrastination, regret, or having things hanging over your head while you're trying to enjoy your beach getaway or family picnic; go ahead and make yourself a checklist right now of all the things you need, want, or have to get done. Here is a non-exhaustive Spring cleaning checklist.

Take those damn Christmas lights down

First things first - Don't be that person. If you still have your Christmas lights up, take them down. Now. Yes, they're pretty, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate Christmas all year long. Just don't do it with the lights. Please.

Clean your filthy windows

If it's still a bit chilly outside, here's a perfect place to start. At least with the insides of the windows, then you can get the outsides when the temperatures bump up just a bit. 

Rake the lawn

Remember when you should have done it last fall? Once the weather is nice enough to get outside and get busy, this is a good place to start. You're going to want to do things with the lawn, the garden beds, and other outdoor spaces. Go ahead and get those leaves bagged up and gone so they don't keep blowing all over everything else.

Seed your lawn

Now those pretty but pesky leaves are out of the way (they were pretty in the Fall anyway), go ahead and seed your lawn to get it to a nice thick green this summer. Hopefully, the new grass will also crowd out some of those pesky weeds.

Tend to the driveway and sidewalk

The cold weather can tend to cause cracks in your concrete and asphault, and then you get grass and weeds growing up through the cracks. Re-seal those cracks if you have them.

Switch out your tools

The snow blower's job should be done for the year along with snow shovels or similar tools, but your garden hose and patio furniture are just itching to come out of self storage. Go ahead and make the switch just like you do with warm and cold-weather clothes.

Clean the patio furniture

If you don't have the convenience of storing outdoor items like patio furniture in valet storage or self storage and it's been sitting out all winter, there's likely a layer or two of dirt grime that needs to be washed off. Make it pretty for Spring, and wash the cushions as well.

Tend to gardens and flower beds

You're going to need a fresh layer of pine straw, mulch, or wood chips in your beds to keep the weeds from seeping through this Spring, if they aren't already. It's also about time to start planting some early flowers or vegetables to get the growing season started. If you're planting new trees, this is the time to do it before the Spring growth season kicks in solidly.

Paint your fence

It's also near time to do some touch-ups or a new layer of paint on fences, shutters, or any other outdoor fixture that needs it. 



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Published on: Tue, 16 Jul, 2019

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