Self Storage vs Portable Storage vs Valet Storage

If you need to put some things in storage, you fall into the category of normal. At some point, almost everyone needs some kind of storage solution, whether it's for a long time or just a short stretch. The question that everyone has to face when this time comes is what kind of storage fits your needs best? Consider the following options to see which one will work for your specific situation.

Self Storage

Self storage is probably the most common type of storage solution. This is for the person who may need something stored long term or needs to store many belongings at a low price. If you live close to a self storage facility this may be the option for you, as it generally saves you money and allows you ready access to whatever you've stored. People choose this type of storage for many different reasons. Some need to keep their stuff somewhere during a move when there's a wait before they can move into their new space, others keep boats or cars stored that they don't use all the time, and others will store equipment for work or sports that just takes up too much space at their home. The reasons are endless, and the options are plentiful in most areas. You might need temperature-controlled storage or a unit inside a building with extra security measures. Whatever the need, there's probably a solution that's nearby.

Portable Storage

Also known as storage containers or moving containers, this is a great option for when you need something that falls in between the independence of self storage and the convenience of a moving company. Portable storage is basically having a self storage unit delivered to your home so that you can pack on your own schedule. It is also great for construction contractors who need to store tools and supplies on-site. Then you pack your belongings in it at your convenience and on your schedule, without having to load things into trucks, carry them to a self storage spot, and unload them - and then do it all again in reverse when you need them again. With portable storage the unit you packed will be delivered where you need it, when you need it, providing a lot more convenience - but at a higher price than self storage.

Valet Storage

Valet storage is like portable storage but on a smaller scale. You just order boxes delivered to your home, fill them, and the valet storage company will pick them up and store them in their facility. Then they return them when you need them. This can be more expensive than portable storage and self storage depending on how much you are storing and how many deliveries and pick ups you require.

Moving Companies

Moving companies are the best for convenience but also cost the most. The same moving company you might call to pack your stuff up and move it to your new home will also pack it up and put it in storage for you. This is the ultimate in concierge storage services, but you'll pay for that service. You also put a lot of trust in other people to handle your things, so take that into consideration.

Self Storage is great if you like to save money and are ok with doing the work yourself. The economical pricing makes it great for long term storage. Portable is storage is an added level of convenience where the storage unit is delivered to you. You can keep it or have it stored in a facility. Valet Storage is one step away from a moving company where the storage provider will pick up your stuff and store it at their facility. With all of this variety, storage has never been more flexible!



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Published on: Tue, 16 Jul, 2019

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