The Best Music for Moving

Unless you're the exception, we all have various "soundtracks" to our life. There's music that reminds us of different points in our life, like high school or college, music that we listen to when we work out or run, the music we listen to when we want to relax, the music we listen to when it's time for a party, night out, or get together. Music is a part of our lives and it provides the backdrop for much of what we do and how we feel. One of the most impactful memories is moving from one place to another and music is a huge part of those memories.

There's plenty of science and psychology proving and illustrating how music can be motivational, inspire creative thoughts, be emotionally supportive, and more... but we won't bore you with all that (although there is some really good reading on it). Instead, we're just going with the lighter side of things in this article and providing some playlists that will help you get through each step in your moving process. These playlists are only examples - you find the ones that fit you best. But do it! Get your playlists together and listen to them during each step, and see if the process doesn't go smoother and become more enjoyable! Some tunes will help you focus and some are a cool as a black t-shirt. Each link below is to a YouTube music playlist.

Planning Music
We'll start with the planning stage. You want things to be calm here, allowing clear thinking without stress as you think about everything ahead of you. That means easy listening, calming, interesting, thought-provoking music that can still stay in the background and not distract you. Some good category suggestions for this include


Packing Music
Next comes the Packing stage. Now you're going to need something a little more inspirational and upbeat to keep you motivated, and since you'll be going through all your old stuff some nostalgic music might fit the bill as well.

Moving Music
If you're packed, it's time for Moving. Make your music 'moving' too, with some motivational upbeat electronic music, some modern Top 40 music, or rap

Unpacking Music
When you get to your new home, you're going to want to stay upbeat to get everything in and unpacked, but you also need some music that will be thought-provoking so you can get it all in the right place.

  • Two possibilities depending on your taste might be some hip hop
  • or some salsa/bachata music.

Relaxing Music
Finally, you're done with all the planning, packing, moving, and unpacking. Now it's time to chill out and just enjoy your new home, so move back to more relaxed, calming, and comforting music - at least for a bit! The best music for this would be

Now, go enjoy some music while you move!

Published on: Fri, 12 Jul, 2019

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