Things to consider before buying a house

Buying a house is always an exciting experience but can also be a little anxiety-causing for most people: executing the mortgage process, inspections, finding a good realtor, deciding where you're going to move, and taking all sorts of different parts of your life into account. Sometimes even the simplest of things can be overlooked or forgotten in the process, and after you've lived in the new home for a bit you suddenly becomes painfully aware of all the things that you should have thought of before you bought the house.

Before you get neck deep in the moving and storage process, here are some things to consider when you're looking to buy your next home. Some if not many may seem like common sense, but we all sometimes forget common sense things when we're in the middle of something so involved as purchasing a home. 

Do you need a large yard?

If you have children, dogs, or just enjoy being and entertaining outdoors, a large yard might be a necessity. On the other hand, if it's just you or you and a spouse, you're getting older, or you have some sort of physical limitation, a large yard can be a headache to maintain or require unwanted costs to have others maintain it.

Will you need a garage?

Where you live and the weather in that area could be a deciding factor in this, but you may just want or need extra space for bikes, tools, a lawn mower, or other items. You might want a shed instead if you only have a few items like this, or you could consider moving containers in a self storage unit if you have things that you may only need to access once in a great while.

Transit access or a quiet neighborhood?

Will you need close access to buses, trains, or freeways to get to work or just where you need to get, or do you prefer a quiet neighborhood away from traffic and noise? If you need one and choose the other, it can be a real pain.

Spare rooms and proximity to entertainment?

Will you have family or friends visiting often for overnight or extended stays? If so you might need an extra bedroom or two and may want to have easy access to malls, golf courses, a marina, or whatever form of entertainment or night life fits you best. 

Are schools important to you?

This is a no-brainer and usually top of the list for parents, but it's important to find out what you can about the school your child will be in. Also, look into all the schools in the area and whether or not your kids will need to change schools if you move to a different area close by. Know your options for the future.

Do you prefer a sunny or shaded backyard?

This is a pet peeve for me, so I'm mentioning it. Maybe you want a garden. Maybe you just enjoy as much natural light as possible streaming into your home. If sunlight is important for any reason, know where the sun will rise and set on your home or property and what buildings or other obstructions might keep you more in the shade than you prefer.

Published on: Tue, 16 Jul, 2019

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