You might be overpaying by up to $1000 on self storage

There are some purchases where you can buy the cheaper version or find a discount that makes life a little easier on your wallet. Self storage is one of those things.

Self storage is a great way to free up some extra space in your home, but you might be overpaying if you're not taking advantage of the best discounts. 

Our team found the best discounts at some of the best self storage providers by city. If you’re looking for storage, start here.

Ontario BC Alberta Quebec
Ajax Chilliwack Grande Prairie   Montreal
Brantford Maple Ridge      
Cambridge Vancouver    
Grimsby Victoria    
Niagara Falls      
Port Perry      


Best single discount in Canada

Discount: 8 weeks free

Location: Montreal

Storage Provider: Montreal Mini Storage

8 Weeks free is a very generous discount. You’ll need to pay for 12 months upfront, but since most self storage renters' average stay is 13 months, this is an excellent deal for many renters.

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Best everyday low price

Discount: 4 weeks free

Mini Mall Storage

Location: Across Canada

Mini Mall Storage keeps its daily rates low. In addition, they still add promotions to their units like 4 weeks free or 50% off your first four weeks. Not all storage units have discounts, but the everyday low rate will save you hundreds of dollars.
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Best average discount across Canada

The best offer we could find: 4 weeks free

Location: Across Canada

Storage Provider: Vaultra

Vaultra Self Storage owns many brand new storage facilities. many of these facilities have opened in the last year or two, so they are still focused on renting out all of their space, which is good news for renters since they can rent premium space, in a new facility, at a discounted price.
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Published on: Fri, 29 Apr, 2022

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