Bathroom storage ideas for your small bathroom

Your bathroom is your sanctuary, where you can get a few minutes of solitude away from everything. Yet while some bathrooms are more like getting away to a high-end spa, others barely have enough room to get ready for the day without some degree of frustration. But there are always ways to alleviate some of that frustration and create a more comfortable space with a little creative thinking. Here are some storage ideas for your small bathroom that could just help you clean up some clutter and make your sanctuary a little better.

Shrink or ditch the tub

A tub can be great for soaking if you're into that, and with small children, it's pretty much a necessity. If those two points don't apply to you, why not replace the tub with just a shower, especially if you're thinking about a renovation? The vertical replacement should save you at least a couple of feet in one direction, and that can mean tons of extra storage space with a vertical cabinet of some kind instead. 


Speaking of cabinets, there's almost always somewhere you can install a new cabinet of some sort for more self storage. The wall behind a toilet in small bathrooms are usually empty except for a picture, but this can be the perfect place for a wall-mounted cabinet to hold towels, washcloths, or whatever else you choose. If you go from tub to shower you can fill the new space with cabinetry, as mentioned before. There might even be an empty foot or two between the tub/shower you can use. If it's hollow in there, add some inn-wall cabinets or shelves. A foot or two can make a huge difference.

Behind the mirror

Almost every bathroom anywhere has a mirror over the sink, but if it's just hanging on the wall you could be sacrificing precious space. If there's room in the wall, consider a mirrored medicine cabinet recessed into the wall. You can even get one with three mirrored doors that open independently to give you the side view you didn't have before. This can really clear up counter space or free up a drawer.

Other tidbits

If there's floor space, consider using a rolling wine bar that you would normally see in a kitchen to hold towels, make-up, or whatever you choose. You could also get small lipped shelves or magnetic individual holders to mount on wall space to hold makeup and/or other items you need on a regular basis. A simple over-the-toilet shelf can be used in place of mounting an actual cabinet there. Hangers for your blow-dryer or other bathroom appliances are simple installations that can free drawer space and keep things close at hand. And if you have a free-standing sink that isn't topping a vanity, a sink skirt hanging down from it can allow you to create storage that would otherwise be in plain sight.

Published on: Sun, 14 Jul, 2019

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