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Canada's intellectual, Jordan Peterson, claims that before you try to change the world, you should clean your room. But what happens when your whole home is messy? Here are some ideas to help you “clean your room”.


1. Make sure every room is equipped with the right amount of storage

Many older homes have no closets, and even new homes don't have the storage required for the busy lifestyle we live. Make sure you make a visit to Ikea to add that extra storage or use a service like Crate to store belongings you don't need right now.


2. Consider how you actually use your room

This is a trick we can borrow from "user experience" designers. Before we make any changes to our homes, first, consider how we use them. For example, we may want to put our blankets in the linen closet upstairs. But if we are always curling up with them on the couch, we may want to find a basket that can keep them in the family room, closer to where we use them. Then, we'll be more likely to put them away.


3. Consider rewarding yourself or your family for keeping the home tidy.

What is a clean home worth to you? 10/week? $25/week? $100/week? Whichever value you place on a tidy home, consider creating a goal for you or your family to work towards. For example, if all bedrooms are tidy every night this week, we'll order pizza and a movie on Friday night!


Whatever your situation is, keeping your home tidy can be easy with a little organization strategy.

Published on: Sat, 13 Jul, 2019

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