Increasing your selling price with home staging and self storage

Using a self storage unit isn't just for when you've collected too much stuff or when you're in between residences. It's also a valuable tool when it comes to selling your home because it helps you stage the home to get the maximum impact on potential buyers. Staging your home isn't 100% necessary of course, but in today's real estate climate it might be a huge help. According to the National Association of Realtors Profile Home Staging Report, the average staged home spends 23 days on the market, vs 40 days for an unstaged home.

Put everything in storage.

When we say everything, we mean almost everything. If it isn't absolutely necessary for your day-to-day survival until you sell your home, get it out of the home and into storage. If you don't have the time to load it all up and transport it then you should consider portable storage or valet storage options. One way or another, you want your home to be as uncluttered as possible, and that can mean much of the furniture too.

Hire a contractor to touch up those languishing broken items.

Don't adopt the attitude that something that needs repair will be the new owner's problem, or you may not find a new owner. Always understand that any money you spend on the right things when preparing to sell your home is an investment that will allow you to maximize your selling price. Every little thing that is a potentially inherited problem from new owners will be magnified in their eyes at the same time you're minimizing it in your mind.

Paint everything in neutral colors.

No one wants to paint their home just to move out of it, but you can believe that it will make a big difference to a buyer's perception. This goes hand in hand with putting your things in storage - you want the home to be as generic as possible. So in addition to removing the photos of your children from the walls and putting that unique piece of furniture that no one else would want in storage, you also want neutral colors throughout the house. Buyers want to imagine the home being their clean palette to work with, not see what your vision of it was.

Hire a staging company.

Hiring a staging doesn't cost that much relative to the value they offer. They know all the little tips and tricks to visually attract buyers, and will make your home look like a million bucks, something out of a magazine. Why do you think fancy restaurants display the food so beautifully on the plates that are brought to you, complete with garnishment that gets thrown out afterward? Because visual appeal sells. 

Hire a realtor to help with the process.

In addition to a staging company, they can give you advice that you wouldn’t have thought of that will help you get a higher price for your home, and often they bring staging companies in for you.

Perform a pre-inspection on the home.

This is another point that many sellers will either not think of or not want to spend money on, and many realtors may not suggest it either. Smart realtors will, however. A pre-inspection serves two purposes. First, it's letting the potential buyers know that they aren't going to inherit a bunch of problems, which gives them more confidence to buy. Second, it will tell you anything that does need to be fixed in order to secure a sale. Because if the buyer does an inspection and finds the issues, they'll think you were being deceitful about them and are likely to move on.

Published on: Mon, 15 Jul, 2019

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