The Best Boxes and Bins for Self Storage

Self storage can be as simple as stuffing your belongings into a storage unit and calling it a day. But if you want to organize your belongings, you’ll need to find a box or container for your stuff. There are a wide variety of boxes available to you, depending on your needs. Here is a list of things you should consider when storing your belongings in self storage, portable storage, or your own basement.


Things to consider

  1. Durability

If you are storing your belonging for a long time, you will need a box that is durable. Cardboard boxes will eventually deform under the weight of being stacked. This happens due to the weight of the items on top, the natural dampness in the air, or the natural dryness in the air. The if the air is too dry it can cause a cardboard box to be too brittle, or if it is too damp it can cause it to be too lose its shape. You may need something more durable that is made out of wood, plastic, or metal to last you over the years


  1. Waterproofing

Let’s face it, unless you are storing in a storage facility, storage is known as being the back corners of our basements or garages. If that is the case, make sure you have a box that will keep your belongings dry in the summer and rainy seans when dampness tends to creep into our basements. Cardboard and wood are porous and will let moisture in over time. Metal often doesn’t seal up tight enough o keep moisture out. The best option in the case is plastic with a strip of tape to keep the cracks in the opening tight and moisture resistant.


  1. Stacking

Most of our belongings will eventually be stacked to make use of height. When you stacking your belongings make sure you choose a box that will hold the weight of all the boxes above it. Most boxes are good for this. But if you are planning on keeping your belongings in storage for a while, make sure you use something with more structural integrity than cardboard


  1. Lifting

Some of your boxes will end up being heavy ones. Make sure that the ones you choose are ergonomically fit for lifting those textbooks or a cupboard worth of ceramic plates. If cardboard is your material of choice, bankers boxes with handles are a great option. The best options can be plastic containers from your local hardware store that usually come with handles.


Storage box options to consider


  1. Cardboard boxes

Obviously the cheapest option, cardboard can be the least expensive to move or store your belongings. They are environmentally friendly and disposable. Best used for moving from one place to another.


  1. Bankers boxes

A little pricier than the traditional cardbox, Bankers boxes provide a more sturdy box for your belongings. They are also better for longer term storage and moving and storing heavier things.



  1. Light weight plastic

Great for storing heavier items and long term storage. They often provide handles which are better for lifting and the plastic is much better for keeping moisture out of your belongings.


  1. Heavy-duty plastic

When those textbooks, ceramic dish set, or exercise weights need to go into storage, there are heavier duty plastic bins that provide the sturdiness needed to keep your stuff safe.


  1. Rolling containers

When you have really large items that just won’t fit into the smaller boxes, consider looking at the rolling containers and trucks that can take the load. These are best used for storing larger items like music equipment, large electronics, and tools.


For most moving and storage environments, we typically recommend a light or heavy-duty plastic box. Their sturdiness will keep your belongings safe from being bumped around or stacked while also providing a better barrier from moisture than cardboard or metal containers.


Whichever box options you choose, make sure you think ahead of moving into your self storage or portable storage unit.

Published on: Fri, 12 Jul, 2019

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