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Expand your home without moving. East York has plenty of options for self storage where you can reclaim usable space in your home without needing to upgrade. With the housing market volatility, self storage is becoming an increasingly desirable option. Self storage is great for storing that snow blower, boat, RV, kayak, or Christmas decorations that are just too much for your home or apartment.

The family culture of East York is not lost on the businesses of the area. Self Storage reflects the East York family vibe with family-friendly facilities. Known for its parks and recreation, East York has plenty of space for the best of what self storage has to offer. Know that your belongings are safe when it’s your neighbor, friends, and family who are all working together to keep our belongings safe and sound. These same people are the ones you’ll find at your local self storage facility.

Boarded along the DVP, lake Ontario, Victoria Park Ave, St Clair, and straddling the Danforth and Queen Street, East York is a wealth of communities including the beaches, Leslieville, Danforth village, and Greek Town. With all of the activities happening in and around East York, self storage has become an essential part of the community by storing our belongings and helping us move.

East York storage facilities are home to some of the most sophisticated facilities including some along lakeshore boulevard that boast clean and well lite interiors, state of the art elevators, quiet and peaceful environments and family-friendly staff. East York is one of the latest up and coming neighbourhoods. It’s been mentioned at one of the last areas of Toronto that are not too overpriced that young families can’t buy for their needs. However, the homes aren’t as large as those found in Scarborough or Toronto, so the need for a good self storage resource is imperative to the sanity of our neighbours.


Best Self Storage In East York

Here you will find a selection of all the best self storage stores in East York. East York Self Storage has a variety of options for you to choose from including economic storage, climate-controlled, luxury storage, drive-up storage, RV and trailer storage, and wine and car storage. Our facilities are rated based on the location, the price, and the review ratings. We all have a different interpretation of what “best” means, which is why we put all the control back in your hands. Choose from a long list of best self storage facilities in East York.


East York Storage Discounts and Special Promos  

In addition to having the most compressive list of the best self storage facilities in East York, we also know who is offering the best deals. When you search for the self storage facility that best suits your unique needs, have a look at the promotional offers attached to each unit size. There are some good ones!

First 4 weeks free

$1 for the first month

50% off the first 3 months

Free move-in van

Free admin fee

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