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One of the safest major cities in Canada, Brampton is home to some of the best self storage facilities. Originally known as the flower city due to its abundance of greenhouses, Brampton is now home to over half a million people and some of the most advanced manufacturing in the country. With strong economic prospects, it has become one of the leaders in prosperous family living. 

With the increasing population in Brampton, housing developments have boomed since the 2000’s, and with it, there are plenty of Self Storage facilities to keep up with your busy family. There are a variety of self storage facilities in Brampton that offer premium, drive up, or cheap self storage units. Here is what you need to know before renting self storage in Brampton.

Premium self storage

Premium self storage is great when you need the best convenience and the easiest access to your belongings. For example drive- up units are a type of premium self storage because they provide the easiest access to your belongings by being able to drive up directly to your unit. Other types of premium units are those near entrances, those with heat or air conditioning, or with electrical outlets so you can plug in a power tool.

Drive-up units in Brampton

Drive-up units are the most convenient way to store your belongings and are often used for moving between houses (since this is usually a temporary situation requiring constant access). Drive-up units are also often used for contractors. In large cities like Brampton, houses are smaller, and for contractors that don’t have the extra space at home to store tools and supplies, drive us units are often a go-to source for more space for their business.

Cheap self storage

We all want to receive the most in self storage for the least cost. As a result, most self storage facilities in Brampton offer promotions to help you move in. The most common promotions come in the form of discounts like first month free and $1 for the first month. You will also find free moving van promotions to help with your move.

Secure self storage

The most important thing we look for in self storage is security. It is important to know that our valuables will be safe and secure. All self storage facilities in Brampton have various levels of security including some that have closed caption 24h security and gated entryways. Make sure to ask about the security features at your facility and ensure that they meet your needs.

Types of features you’ll find in self storage

In addition to the features discussed above, you should also be on the lookout for additional features that can make moving and storage easier like: automatic payment, climate-controlled, heated units, moving supplies for sale, monthly billing vs 4 weeks, and gate yards for additional security.

What discounts and offers are available

Be on the lookout for a variety of offers that can help you with your moving and storage: first month free, $1 for your first-month rent, free moving van, free movers, 50% off your first 3 months, free moving supplies.

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