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As Canada’s economic centre for the oil industry, Calgary has much to talk about. It’s held the Olympics twice and home to the infamous Calgary Stampede. Due to it’s proximity to the prairies, Calgary is considered a farmers’ city with a ranch-style feel to both the culture and the architecture.

Calgary is great for the commuter. It’s a clean city and the roads and transit systems are some of the best in Canada, especially the C-train. For those heavy transit users, the transit pass is easy to afford at $99 per month. Bordered by highway 201, highway 2, and cut by Macleod Trail, Crowchild Trail, and highway 8, highway access to Calgary is second to none no matter whether you live in any of the major areas like Arbour Lake, Capitol Hill, Evanston, Rosedale, Bridgeland, Altadore, or Connaught.

Calgary is also home to some of the best self storage providers in Canada. With the changing weather patterns from hot summers, to cold winters, to the annual chinook changing things up, it is important to have the very best in climate control and protection from the ever-changing elements. Especially since the chinook can come 30-35 times each year.

There are plenty of self storage options available, whether you are looking for storage for your home or storage for your business.

Calgary Home Self Storage


If you are looking for storage for your home, there are plenty of options available. Make sure you consider whether you need indoor storage, outdoor storage, drive-up access, cheap rates, a loading dock, and whether or not a facility is staffed. Many Calgary self storage providers use satellite locations that are not staffed by people. Instead, they will have kiosks where you can rent self storage or the office will be located in another location.

Calgary Business Self Storage


If you are a business owner in Calgary looking for extra storage for inventory, supplies, business records, tools, or just a home base for your construction business, self storage in Calgary is a fantastic option.  Most self storage operators in Calgary will also allow you to customize your self storage unit so that it exactly meets the unique needs of your business.

RV storage in Calgary


We couldn't talk about self storage in Calgary without talking about outdoor RV storage. Albertans love their RV’s and there are plenty of facilities to park that RV during the offseason in Calgary. Make sure you find a self storage provider that you feel comfortable with. It’s important to keep your summer home sage!

Self Storage Features in Calgary


It is important to think of your needs before you select a Calgary self storage provider. There are plenty of options available and they can all work in your favour depending on what your needs are. For example, whether you are looking for moving storage or general storage to declutter your home can alter the strategy you take on selecting a Calgary storage unit. If you are using storage only for moving, you may be willing to sacrifice price for convenience, like a drive up unit. If you are storing to declutter your home, you may do the opposite by sacrificing convenience for a lower price.

Self Storage Promotions in Calgary


Just like the variety of self storage options available in Calgary, there are also plenty of self storage promotions available. When you search for self storage keep an eye out for promotions like your first month free, free moving van, free movers, and 50% off your first four weeks. These discounts can be super helpful when determining which Calgary self storage to choose.

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