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People all over London, Ontario have been using self storage solutions for years, and Storloft brings convenience to a whole new level. When you search for storage on Storloft you’ll find a wide array of self storage options at your fingertips. Whether it be furniture that you just don’t have any room for, items that you need to get out of the way temporarily during a move, or if you are looking for some added warehouse space to help you run your small business, Storloft has storage solutions to fit all needs and budgets. If space is hard to find around your home or office, Storloft has you covered with self storage solutions in London. We are also proud to offer state of the art security features and content protection. 

We are thrilled to be able to serve the diverse community of London, Ontario. Storloft is easy to search and find a range of storage solutions and services that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. 

At Storloft, our goal is to ensure that you have all the self storage options at your fingertips to make an informed storage decision so you can rest easy that your belongings are well looked after. 

Our belief is that a self storage facility in London should strive to look after their clients’ belongings as if they were their own. So, make sure you look at lots of reviews before committing to a self storage provider. Things you should also look for include:
•    Camera and Video Surveillance – state-of-the-art technology
•    Pin Access Coded Gates – come and go as you need
•    Flexible Contracts – for short- or long-term storage
•    Upgrade or Downsize – based on your needs
•    Access Seven Days a Week
•    Tenant Content Coverage Options
•    Box and Packing Supplies
•    No Deposit Required

If you are looking for self storage options in London Ontario, you’ll find all of the best options on Storloft’s huge database of storage. Search for a self storage unit on Storloft and see why people all over the country make Storloft their self storage starting point.

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