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Montreal is known for its culture, food, and mountains. However, something we don’t often think about is how little space this European-style metropolis is left with. Fortunately, we are going to teach you how to navigate Montreal self storage options.

1. What should you look for in Montreal self storage

Not all Montreal self storage is created equal. You can find thrifty barn storage in the outskirts of Montreal for storing your boat or RV on the cheap for the winter, or you can find state-of-the-art Montreal self storage facilities downtown with convenient access to the subway whenever you need to quickly grab your belongings from your unit. We’ve put a list together to help you identify what to look for.

Montreal Self Storage Near Me

“Help me find a Montreal self storage location near me”, is one of the most common phrases we hear. In Montreal, it is important to have a self storage location near your home or near a subway line. When such a large portion of the Montreal community uses the subway, it is important to have things close. That said, you’ll need to be aware of the visibility of the facility. Facilities that are tucked down long industrial business parks tend to see more break-ins than those that aren’t. Additionally, units located inside a facility are more secure than those with exterior drive-up doors.


When evaluating a Montreal self storage facility, one of the most important things to look at is the cleanliness. The best way to evaluate this is through the hallways and the building condition. Do the hallways look like they are swept regularly? Does the building facade look rusted and old, or is it properly maintained? 

Montreal Self Storage Promotions

Promotions can make a big difference in your wallet. Montreal self storage has some great promotions if you spend the time looking. More on this later.

Self Storage Unit Location And Access

The location of your Montreal self storage unit can make a big difference in price. A drive-up storage unit with exterior access will cost slightly more than one on the third floor which is far away from the elevators. Convenience is a big factor when you are moving and storing large items like couches and furniture, so be prepared to pay a premium for it.

Montreal Self Storage Customer Service

Customer service is important in a self storage facility, especially when you are storing your belongings away from your home; you need to know everything is safe. When you are evaluating a self storage unit, paying attention to how they treat their existing customers is a good way to determine how they will treat you. If you have billing problems, need to buy boxes or packing supplies, or just need to make an arrangement to access your unit off-hours, great customer service can make a big difference.

2. What Montreal self storage promotions are available near me?

Promotions can make a big difference when renting Montreal self storage, especially in Montreal. The most common self storage promotion you’ll find in the Montreal area is your first month free. This can make a large difference when you’re unsure how long you’ll need storage. It’s like you get to try before you buy. However, Montreal does have some pretty sweet deals that go above and beyond. Here are a few of our favourites.

• 2 months free when you prepay for 10 months
• 1 month free
• Airmiles reward miles when you rent
• Free use of a moving van to move in and out of your unit
• Free movers to move your belongings into storage

3. What other Montreal self storage options are available?

Montreal Self Storage

Traditional Self storage is what we think of when someone mentions self storage, mini storage, or storage lockers. It’s the large steel buildings with the roll-up doors.

Montreal Portable Storage

Portable Storage is relatively new on the scene and it hovers between the convenience of a full-service mover, and the flexibility of doing it yourself. It’s a great option if you prefer to have a container delivered to your home so you can take your time moving. You can check out Montreal Portable Storage here

Montreal Valet Storage

Valet storage is the new kid on the block. Valet service is literally having a full-service mover pick up, store, and return your belongings to your front door. You can explorer more Montreal Valet Storage here

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