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Vancouver is Canada’s third-largest economic centre, behind Toronto and Montreal. Much of this is from foreign investments which are attracted to Vancouver through its real estate, business, tourism, and entertainment industries. Approximately 40% of Vancouver residents are foreign born, and that metric is growing every year. 

With the unique climate of Vancouver, self storage needs are slightly unique from the rest of Canada. The warmer season is longer making the Vancouver real estate moving season also a little bit longer. This means more competition for that perfect Vancouver self storage unit as well as more premium storage facilities that pander to the premium user.

With some of the most well known areas in Canada like Downtown Vancouver, West End, Yaletown, False Creek, Coal Harbour, Gastown, Chinatown, Downtown Eastside, Granville, Island/Fairview, Kerrisdale, Kitsilano and the non-downtown areas like North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, and Richmond are all very well connected with some of the best transit in Canada with the Skytrain and numerous bike paths. This is mostly the result of having no major highways to take commuters from sprawling suburbia to the downtown core.

Due to the uniqueness of the Vancouver culture, self storage in Vancouver has some unique requirements. You’ll find fewer self storage facilities with heated units but still cater to the premium consumer. Nonetheless, the reason you will be using self storage will be similar to the rest of Canadian culture.

Self storage for moving

Whether you want to take your time moving or whether you want to do it quick and dirty, Vancouver self storage is the best tool in your toolbelt for moving to a new home. Self storage can be great for taking the time to move and moving your belongings into a self storage unit before moving day. This way, you aren’t panicking to move everything last minute.

Self storage for decluttering your home

Clutter is stressful and self storage is the solution. The best way to achieve this is to find a low-cost self storage rental to store those belongings you one use once a year or even once every few years. Searching Storloft will help you find that self storage unit that is perfect for expanding your home without having to move!

Self storage for renovations

Many of the priciest homes in Canada are found in Vancouver, and the constant stream of foreign investment in the city, especially housing, is driving the average price of a home further upwards in Vancouver. This means that instead of moving to a new home, Vancouver residents are renovating their existing homes. The cleanest way to do this is to put your belongings into Vancouver self storage so that nothing is damaged during your renovation.

Type of features in Vancouver self storage

As stated above, in Vancouver you'll find fewer heated units, and you’ll find premium facilities in their place. You’ll also find drive-up units, lighted units, custom units, and make sure you find a self storage facility with a loading bay for those heavy items.

The best Vancouver promotions in self storage

Keep your eyes peeled for promotions like first month free, 50% off the first four weeks, and the use of a free moving van for those to are moving between homes

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