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Waterloo Self Storage

You couldn’t be in a better location if you are looking for Waterloo self storage. For the customer, Waterloo has a great combination of brand new premium facilities and great prices. Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but compared to its sister city Kitchener, Waterloo has the better pricing.

Waterloo Self Storage Selection

The is a tonne of self storage options in Waterloo. If you are looking for something that is on the economical side or on the premium side. We’ll explain the options below.

New Storage Facilities


Brand new self storage facilities in Waterloo provide the obvious benefit of being clean and maintenance-free. If you are flexible on the pricing, this may be the right fit for you. No leaks, no broken doors, and the added pleasure of simply being in a new facility. New Waterloo self storage facilities typically have great loading docks as well, so, if you are staying temporarily between homes, a self storage loading dock can make your experience much easier.


Drive-up Facilities

Waterloo Self Storage drive up units

Drive-up facilities are the traditional type of self storage in Waterloo. Typically you find that Waterloo self storage drive-up facilities are a little bit older, but don’t expect a discount. Drive-up units are far more convenient to move in and out of. This puts them in higher demand and impacts the self storage price.


How Waterloo Self Storage Works

Self storage is a concept that first grew in the united states. But like most things that start in the US, Canada is quick to catch on. The first thing you'll need to determine before you selected a storage unit is to determine what you need it for and how much space you'll need. This can impact the price you are willing to pay. Are you using your Waterloo self storage for:

  • - moving storage
  • - renovating storage
  • - creating extra space
  • - storage between school semesters
  • - business self storage

If you only need your storage for a small amount of time, make sure you select a storage provider that has a fantastic promotion (like your first month free), with no commitment to stay for any period of time. About half of all providers required you to stay in your self storage unit for more than a month if you are going to receive any promotions. One additional thing to keep in mind when considering how long you will stay is that most self storage customers almost always stay longer than they expect to stay. So, make sure you are realistic with how long you expect to stay in your Waterloo self storage unit. 


How To Rent Self Storage In Waterloo

Most large storage providers like Mini mall Self Storage, provide ways to rent storage online. However, you can always visit the Waterloo self storage facility in person or call them. Keep in mind, self storage facilities can be very large and staff are very often away from the desk and may not be able to return your call on the same day. If you need quick service, your best bet is to book online or visit your Waterloo self storage office during business hours.

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