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Winnipeg Self Storage Near Me

Besides being the inspiration for Winnie the pooh, Winnipeg is one of Canada’s most populated cities in Canada…. and one of the snowiest. Winnipeg is a hot spot for culture and family-friendly neighbourhoods. Self storage facilities are plentiful and provide a variety of options for people looking for space to fit their unique needs.

Divided by the Red River, the Assiniboine River, and the Winnipeg Airport, the trans Canada highway, highway 65, highway 52, and highway 42 keep the city moving and make access to storage much easier and open up plenty of options.

Winnipeg has a selection of large corporate self storage facilities that will offer benefits like free moving vans or regular promotions and privately owned facilities for a more local feel where you can get to know the owner.

The best self storage in Winnipeg

Whether you live in Assiniboine South, Downtown Winnipeg, Fort Garry, Inkster, Point Douglas, River East, River Heights, St. Boniface, Garden City, Linden Woods, or Southdale, Storloft understands that you have unique needs. That’s why we do our best to bring you the best self storage options in your area. Whether you are looking for cheap storage, premium storage, or something short term and convenient for moving between homes, a quick search on Storloft will bring up all the best self storage facilities in your area.

When to use self storage in Winnipeg.


Winnipeg self storage is perfect for when you are moving to that new home. Instead of waiting for moving day to have everything coordinated and ready to go, self storage gives you the opportunity to store your belongings before moving day so that you can just focus on getting the keys to your home instead of the keys to a moving van.

Declutter your home

Clutter is stressful, and we have proof! According to one study, disorganization in the home resulted in less healthy food choices compared to their orderly counterparts. There’s no doubt that relieving your home from clutter makes us feel less stressed and grants us the feeling of accomplishment of doing something productive.


If you are renovating this year, make sure you protect your belongings by putting them in storage. The bigger the renovation the messier it will be, so put your valuables in storage so they aren’t destroyed.

Winnipeg self storage Features

You should be able to find all of the features you would need to store your belongings for your unique needs. If you need long term storage, there are many promotions in Winnipeg that can reduce that rental fee and make it more manageable over the long term. If you are looking for something that is a little more convenient, try searching Storloft for drive up units so you can access your belongings without the need for using elevators or narrow doorways.

Winnipeg self storage promotions.

There are many self storage promotions in Winnipeg that you can take advantage of including your first month free, 50% off your first 3 months, $1 off your first month's rent, free moving van, and box promotions. Make sure you ask about promotions that can help with the price.

Storloft was recently cited as one of the best self storage resources in Winnipeg by Best In Winnipeg! Best in Winnipeg finds all of the best resources for you and displays the pros and the cons of each.

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