How Valet Storage Works

Valet storage is the most hassle free way to store your items. Think of it as storage where someone else does the pick up and delivery for you. Start by deciding which items you’d like to store. Then order a pick up from one of the storage providers below. Simple, right?

Step 3: Schedule a pickup

When you are ready, order a pick up and your storage provider will come directly to your doorstep.

Step 2: Pack your boxes

Take your time and pack you boxes on your own schedule.

Step 1: Order your boxes

Order valet storage bins to your home. Pick a date that works for you and valet will drop them off at your convenience

Rent valet storage near me.

Select a storage provider that best suites your needs. They are all unique offerings and store your items locally for fast pick up and delivery.

Second Closet Toronto Valet Storage toronto 265 Chisholm Ave Explore Storage Units
Alluster Valet Storage toronto 265 Chisholm Ave Explore Storage Units
FrogBox Valet Self Storage toronto 79 Pelham Ave Explore Storage Units
Apple Valet Storage toronto 530 Adelaide Street West Explore Storage Units

What can you store with Valet Storage?

Anything you can store with self storage, you can also store with valet storage. - Holiday decor - Seasonal clothing - Antiques and family heirlooms - Sports equipment - Electronics - Winter tires - Clothing and wedding dresses - Furniture

All About Valet Storage

What is valet storage? On a continuum from completely hands-free to full-service storage, valet storage is on the full-service side. Valet storage providers like Make Space, Alluster, and Second Closet (just to name a few) will come to your home, pick up your belongings, and take them to your storage unit. You end up renting a storage unit, but never have to visit since valet storage is doing the storage for you.

Search valet storage by location

There are tonnes of valet storage options all over Canada. Find the right one for you.

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